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HJ Ford

I'm out sick today with a bug I picked up in London over the weekend, but hope to be back in the studio very soon. When I return, I'll tell you about my travels -- which were full of music, selkies, and the art and lives of Pre-Raphaelite women.

HS OwenIn the meantime, some recommend reading:

*  Chabon's moving tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin (Paris Review

* C.J. Hauser's sad and beautiful essay "The Crane Wife" (Paris Review)

* Sabrina Orah Mark's "I Am the Tooth Fairy" (Paris Review)

* Nick Holland's "Folklore, Faeries and the Brontë Novels" (on his Anne Brontë blog) 

The art today is "The Princess Carried Off by the Bees" by Henry Justice Ford (published in Andrew Lang's Green Fairy Book, 1892), and an illustration for the Grimms fairy tale The Robber Bridegroom by H.S. Owen (published by Blackie & Sons in 1922). The latter book is a wonderful thing, full of rats in traditional Japanese dress for no apparent reason....


I hope the bug passes as gently as us possible for these kinds of visitations.
Thank you so much for the fine link to Chabon's tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin. He highlights the value of imagination and the vital connection to 'our human community' --who may not be our blood people-- yet those who make it possible to find Home when all other options and GPS clones would never teach us how to read/listen for the language.

I, too, have been struggling with a bug. Be well!
Thank you so much for these links.

How generous of you to share this reading list while you are fighting hard to recover from the flu! I can't wait to dig in, and reading will be all the more magical because the pieces are doubly gifted--by the authors and by the sharer. Get well soon.

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