The Onondaga Thanksgiving Address
Turning Black Friday into a rainbow...

Happy Thanksgiving from Myth & Moor

Fairies feasting by Arthur Rackham

The hound and I wish all our American friends, family members, colleagues and readers a very, very Happy Thanksgiving!

Apple Harvest by Arthur RackhamHere in Devon, the house is quiet. Howard is still away teaching in London, and I'm still down with stomach flu ... but with plenty of books to read, and my sweet hound cuddled close by, there is much to be thankful for.

Little Prayer in November
by Lee Rudolph

That I am alive, I thank
no one in particular;
and yet am thankful, mostly,
although I frame no prayer

but this one: "Creator

Spirit, as you have come,
come again," even in November,
on these short days, fogbound.

Hound in the mist

Leaves in autumn

The poem above is from A Woman and a Man, Ice-Fishing by Lee Rudolph (Texas Review Press, 20015). The passage in the picture captions is from Wild Comfort: The Solace of Nature by Kathleen Dean Moore (Trumpeter Books/Shambhala, 2010). All rights reserved by the authors. The illustrations above are by Arthur Rackham (1867-1939).


Happy Thanksgiving from the American midwest, Terri! I'm thankful for Myth & Moor!

Dear Terri

First, let me say on this day of "Thanksgiving" thank you for all the beauty, light and creativity you bring into our lives each day with your extraordinary blog. I have been inspired by so many of its essays, poems and pictures to write more poems of my own. I send you my thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery from this flu you are suffering from. Please take care of yourself and get plenty of rest.

These photos of the ponies, the poems/prayers and paintings are breathtaking and truly help to make this day, for me, more sacred, special and beautiful.
From the indigenous culture and people, we truly learn about the many gifts of earth and how to respond with humility, gratitude and beauty. Here's an older poem I wrote some years ago about feeling gratitude for what refuge the desert has offered me along with its gift of strength and space.

Thank You

if the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough"
Meister Erkhart

Call me back
from this cactus
where I have been
wearing its cloth

and cleansing my space
with burnt sage.
The worst of my pain
gone, exorcised
by the wind
and returned
to stone ruins
that bruise purple
in the dusk.

Lend my breath
a flock of birds
to etch the sky,
an utterance
of prayer, gratitude
so ancient and plain

our tribe of bones
will feel
its strength, its syllables
on the horizon’s tongue.

Here in the high desert, we are having a snow storm and that is very, very rare. The palm trees, the pines and the stones on the garden wall are covered in the white magic of Winter. It is really so beautiful to see and enjoy!!

Take care
my best always

Beautiful prayer poem Terri. I am grateful for the company of Myth and Moor. Wishing you warm and lazy days, with good reading while recovering from your stomach bug. Happy Thanksgiving.

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