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Terri Windling  2019

To friends & publishing colleagues heading to the World Fantasy Convention in Los Angeles this weekend: I hope you have a wonderful time, and I wish I could be there with you. I feel deeply honored that Myth & Moor has been nominated for this year's World Fantasy Award, and raise this toast to my fellow nominees -- as well as to my dear old friend Beth Meacham, who is the editor Guest of Honor this year. (And well deserved too.)

I honestly don't expect to win. The other nominees have all done excellent work, in more traditional literary forms. I'm just tickled that the WFA judges picked a small, Dartmoor-based Mythic Arts blog for the Short List.

"We who hobnob with hobbits and tell tales about little green men," Ursula Le Guin once said, "are used to being dismissed as mere entertainers, or sternly disapproved of as escapists. But I think perhaps the catagories are changing, like the times. Sophisticated readers are accepting the fact that an improbable and unmanageable world is going to produce an improbable and hypothetical art. At this point, realism is perhaps the least adequate means of understanding or portraying the incredible realities of our existence."

Flowers at the kitchen window


Congratulations on your nomination! that is so awesome and well deserved!!!


Makes me feel a bit skippy :)

Well deserved award! Every time I send a post to someone they marvel they've not read your blog before.

Congratulations on your nomination.

And on a side note, thank you for reposting the posts on illness last week. Health issues prevented me from saying this before.

Cheering from the bleachers to let you know we who are fed regularly on your "well" announce you Winner!

Thank you for your words of support, everyone.

As expected, I didn't win, as this little blog was up against full magazines in my award catagory. (The winner was magazine publisher & editor Scott H. Andrews.) I'm still surprised and pleased that Myth & Moor made the Short List -- which I view as a nod of validation for all of us who persist in writing and reading long-form blogs, which have gone out of fashion these last several years.

Many congratulations to Scott and the other winners this year, including my friends Kij Johnson (for Best Novella) and Irene Gallo (for Best Anthology). Hurrah!

Having worked in fantasy publishing for many years now, and having won this award nine times already*, I'm genuinely happy to see other people's work recognized. Champagne for us all!


* I say this not to boast, but so you don't feel too sorry for me today! The fantasy field has been very kind to me.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, especially you dear Terri

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