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Eclipse by Jeanie Tomanek

This event kicks off the new "Book Talk & Tea" series, sponsored  by The Friends of Chagford Library and curated by Susan Harley. These monthly events will feature Sunday afternoon talks by a range of fine authors and book artists. There will be tea, cakes, books to browse and please if you're anywhere near Devon please come join us in support of books, community, the power of stories, and the importance of rural libraries.

In this talk, I'll discuss the importance of adapting ancient tales for modern times, and how such stories can help us navigate the many challenges we face today. While ecologists speak of "re-wilding" the land, I believe in also "re-storying" the land, reclaiming the tales that connect us to natural world and re-shaping them for a modern age.

When: Sunday, 26 January, at 3 pm

Where: Jubilee Hall, Chagford

Tickets £5, available from Sally's Newsagents in Chagford Square, or online here.

The beautiful art above is by Jeanie Tomanek.


How I wish I could be there...

Me too, cath. Lucky friends of Chagford!

What a wonderful topic; maybe someone will tape you, Terri and share with a broader audience. We could so benefit from that conversation.

Dang - I so wish I could attend - sounds fascinating! Have fun! e

I wish I didn’t live all the way in the United States. I would love to attend.

Sounds like a wonderful event, I love the phrase re-storying the land. That flyer should draw in a crowd.

Sounds wonderful, I wish I could be there. Re-wilding and Re-storying go hand in hand I think. Ironic, or perhaps just synchronicity, that your talk is taking place on the day that Australia celebrates its very questionable beginnings, and the stories that, for better or for worse, have shaped the way we (who are the descendants of immigrants) see our place in this ancient land.

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