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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Winter on the edge of Dartmoor

On a winter's morning at the edge of the moor, when the world outside seems so discordant, I turn to music, nature, and stories to keep going. Here's what I'm listening to right now...

Above: "Hwome" by Ninebarrow (Jon Whitley & Jay LaBouchardiere), from Dorset. The song appeared on their album The Wild and The Water (2018).

Below: "She Took a Gamble" by singer-songwriter Hannah Read, raised in Scotland, now based in New York City. The song appeared on her lovely album Way Out I'll Wander (2018).

Above: "Moorland Bare" by Hannah Read and Kris Drever, filmed in Sheffield for the Hudson Sessions last summer. The song was composed by Read, based on a Robert Louis Stephenson poem.

Below:  "Miles to Go," based on a Robert Frost poem, performed by Hannah Read and Rowan Rheingans. The song was filmed in Sheffield for the Hudson Sessions in 2016.

Above: "Lines" by singer-songwriter Rowan Rheingans, raised in Derbyshire, now based in Sheffield. The song is from her new solo album, The Lines We Draw Together (2019) -- which follows stellar albums recorded with Lady Maisery, Songs of Separation, and The Rheingans Sisters.

Below: "What Birds Are," also from the new album.

Above: "Hummingbird" by singer-songwriter John Smith, raised in Devon, now based in Liverpool. The song appeared on his album Hummingbird (2018), a mix of traditional ballads and original songs. I highly recommend it.

Below: "Bless the Ground You Grow On" by Odette Michell, raised in Yorkshire, now based in Hertfordshire. The song is from Michell's debut album, The Wildest Rose (2019).

Moorland sheep field