The gift of stillness

Tunes for a Monday Morning


To start with, above: "Seven Songs on Six Islands," a little film by Myles O'Reilly, featuring brothers Brían & Diarmuid Mac Gloinn of Ye Vagabond. This one is for everyone locked down at home, for whom a trip through six Irish islands might be particularly welcome right now. (O'Reilly is doing wonderful work documenting the contemporary Irish folk music scene, by the way. To support him on Patreon, go here.)

Above: "Reels" from the Scottish band Westward the Light (Charlie Grey, Catriona Hawksworth, Joseph Peach, and Owen Sinclair). Their self-titled debut album has just been released.

Below: "Encore" by Westward the Light.

Above: "Mountain of Gold" by the Scotland-based trio Salt House ( Jenny Sturgeon, Lauren MacColl, and my Modern Fairies colleague Ewan MacPherson), from their new album Huam. Their previous album, Undersong, has been constantly on our CD player, and it's clear that this one is going to be too.

Below: "Fire Light," also from Huam. Please don't miss this gorgeous music.

Me  Tilly  and the sea


Pictures: Tilly and me on the south Devon coast a while back. Dartmoor is a beautiful place to be locked down, so I'm not complaining...but I keep dreaming of the sea.


I own all the Ye Vagabonds and Salt House albums, thanks to being introduced previously to them here on Myth & Moor. Some of them, like Huam I bought without even listening--they are that good! I look forward to checking out this new band, Westward the Light.

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