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For April Fools Day, Howard answers the question: Why do we need fools?

FoolHis year-long Journey Into the Heart of the Fool continues, despite Coronavirus. His circle of Fools is now working online (since the Fools themselves are locked-down across Europe), finding new ways to continue their training until they can meet up again.

Our "Funding for Foolery" campaign continues as well. We're still hoping to meet our goal and to keep all this stuff-and-nonsense going. If you can throw a bob or two in the hat at these uncertain times, here's the link to his  GoFundMe page.

You'll find Howard's latest video update there too -- and it's very Foolish indeed, complete with tiger hat and Coronavirus beard.

Happy April Fools Day from Howard, Tilly, and me.

Foolish Tilly

Deer 2


Love Tilly in her role as Fool in the video interview with Howard! Who hasn't wanted to have a good scratch and then lick their foot during some of the most serious discussions and talks? (Serious talk about Foolery; great oxymoron!) And well done to Howard for carrying on without missing a beat. A true professional.

Yes, yes we sat together, my Pete an I, to watch and listen to Howard (and Tilly) make their mark on us with foolery. We laughed and nodded as we ate our bowl of warm lunch made with foods brought to us by young shoppers who would otherwise (The Virus) have never met us. What foolery. We support the Fool, and are so glad to keep him at it! For in our supporting we pin ourselves together and THAT IS THE BEST REMEDY for all that other foolishness. Thank you Howard, Tilly and Terri! xo Mokihana and Pete

::::Waves to you Stuart::::be well dear fool who always finds something to make me laugh:)!!

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