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Myth & Moor update

A Dartmoor hedgewitch by Brian Froud

Dear readers,

I'm afraid that images are still disappearing, reappearing, then disappearing again on previous posts. I hear that other sites on Typepad (Myth & Moor's blogging platform) are also having the same problem, and the company is working on fixing it. I hope it will be soon.

If it's our local piskies and goblins causing the chaos, they seem to have spread through the Typepad network now. Perhaps instead of coders and trouble-shooters we need a hedgewitch to put it all to rights....

The art in this post (if it appears properly) is by my dear friends and village neighbours Brian Froud and Alan Lee, experts on the local fey folk. Follow the links if you'd like to read more about their work.

A swarm of fairies and piskies by Alan Lee