Moving forward like water
Once upon a time

The Bumblehill Studio Newsletter

The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen illustrated by Edmund Dulac

We're very pleased to announce that the Bumblehill Studio now has a newsletter!

For those of you who have said you'd like a way to be alerted about new Myth & Moor posts, the letter will contain a round-up of each week's offerings, plus links to anything else I've published online and any events I'm participating in. There will also be a few reading recommendations, and occasional links to new works by other folks in the Bumblehill community. 

Lunar Hine, my editorial assistant, will oversee the letter's production and send it out to subscribers once week. We promise to have mercy on your email Inbox and keep it short and sweet. 

You can subscribe here (and easily unsubscribe any time you like).

Drawing by Arthur Rackham

The painting above is by Edmund Dulac. The drawing is by Arthur Rackham.