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The Joyous Twilight by Catherine Hyde

I'm completely addicted to Huam, the latest album from Salt House -- a Scottish folk trio consisting of Ewan MacPherson, Lauren MacColl, and Jenny Sturgeon. Ewan was one of my colleagues on the Modern Fairies project, but I'd loved Salt House (and his other band, Shooglenifty) long before meeting him. The last Salt House album, Undersong, is another one I listen to over and over, and I highly recommend seeking both of them out. "Huam," by the way, is a Scottish word for the call of an owl. 

Above: "Mountain of Gold" from Huam, with a video filmed by Alex Bowman.

Below: "Fire Light" from Huam. The song is based on a poem by the great Scottish nature writer Nan Shepherd.

Above: "Lord Ullin's Daughter" from Huam, based on a poem by Thomas Campbell (1777 - 1844).

Below:  "Hope is the Thing With Feathers" from Huam, based on a poem by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886).

Above: "Union of Crows" from Huam, written by Ewan McPherson.

Below: "All Shall Be Still" from Huam, written by Ewan McPherson.

To end with, two of my favourites from Undersong. The album was recorded in an old Telford church on the Isle of Berneray in the Outer Hebrides.

Above: "Charmer," written by Jenny Sturgeon, inspired by "Now Westlin' Winds" by Robert Burns (1759-1796).

Below: "Staring at Stars," written by Ewan MacPherson.

The paintings today are by Catherine Hyde, based in Cornwall. Please visit the artist's website to see more of her beautiful work.

The Spaces Between Words by Catherine Hyde


Thank you for sharing this band! I hadn't really gotten the time to sit down & listen to their work before... and now I've fallen simply in love with them.

Nice! The official video (Mountain of Gold) is such a beautiful walk in and through two spaces. I felt in good company.

I just came across the Color of Angels ebook and wanted to say thank you for putting it out there again! It is a story I have come back to over and over when my mind is at sea and I am relishing being able to read it again.

Autumn & Mokihana: I'm so glad you're enjoying this music as much as I do.

Kate: Thank you for your very kind words about The Color of Angels.

Also: The broken link to Catherine Hyde's website has now been fixed. Many thanks to Carl for alerting me to the problem.

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