On the shores of mystery
The secular sacred

Starting tonight...

Second final version

Peter  Howard  & Tilly...and then running every Thursday and Friday night through June.

Please come see what my husband Howard Gayton and his theatre partner Peter Oswald have been up to during the pandemic lockdown: creating onlive theatre for the age of Zoom, brought to you live from sheds in Chagford and Bristol. The tickets are free, just book one here. (Press the red "Select a date" button to pick the performance you want to attend.)

I've seen this bonkers, surreal, hilarious and poignant play during various parts of its development, but I'm going to watch it again on Friday, June 19th. Do any of you want to join me at that particular performance for a Myth & Moor watching party...? 

And just so you know: Columbina Theatre has the Tilly Seal of Approval. 

Drawing by Walter Crane