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Myth & Moor update

Nurse Tilly

I'm afraid that Howard and I have gone down yet again with a persistent bug that he brought back from Spain in February. (It's probably not Covid-19, but yes, we're pursuing testing to be sure. Whatever it is, it's very hard to get rid of.) With luck, this relapse will be mild and swift, and I'll be back to Myth & Moor very soon. Thank you for your patience.


Get well soon Terri 🙏🤒❤️

Feel better !!!!

Many loving and long range hugs. Masks included.


So sorry you’re feeling poorly, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Hoping you feel better soon!

Hoping the bug is not serious and desists! Best wishes for a speedy recovery
Marika x

Dear Terri

My prayers and wishes for a quick recovery are sent your way. Please take care get plenty of rest.

Take care,
my best always,

Take good care Terri. Many wishes for gentle and deep restoration.

I hope you get well very soon.

Sending lots of healing energy and love. Get better soon.

Couldn't ask for a better nurse. Great bedside manner.

I hope to see you return with good news about being well, and C-19 free, very, very soon.

missing your wisdom, get better

I hope you’re all better soon. 💜

Dear Nurse Tilly, please administer amor canis medicina stat...increase the dose as you see fit. 😉

Dear Terri, sending lots of love and holding you in a heartspace of wholeness.


All the best to you, Terri. I hope you are recovered soon—and meanwhile, have time not to worry about time. :)

Get well soon! And eat lots of soup.

Sorry to hear you are unwell. Hopefully just a summer bug and you'll be back with us soon.

Just being nosey, but what is that book behind Nurse Tilly?

Kindest regards.

Chiricahuas offer this protection for you, as respect earned. Shield of Rock. Scouring Wind. Purifying Sun. Living Water. Bear as emissary.

Wishing you well. Nurse Tilly, we're counting on you!

Sending earnest good wishes for your healing, Terri.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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