Tunes for a Monday Morning
Tunes for a Monday Morning

Happy Birthday, Tilly!

Birthday Girl

Our beloved girl is eleven years old today. We'd planned to celebrate with a good walk on the moor, but stormy weather and poor health has postponed that plan and it's an indoor day of treats and cuddles instead. Last year I told the story of how Tilly came to us, and I remain eternally grateful that she did. What a privilege it is to share our lives with this sweet, funny, smart, and loving creature.

The Muse of Bumblehill

Photographs: Eleven years of Tilly's life in Chagford with Howard, me, Victoria, and Jenny (my mother-in-law). 



Happy birthday Tilly!

Happy birthday! Ci tylwyth teg.

Ah the tell-tale grey muzzle. Tilly now has to make a decision; I've resisted dying my grey muzzle for years. The 'Just for Men' beard dye is very popular with those hirsute men with a vanity issue. I wonder if there's a canine equivalent product 'Just for Dogs'. Happy Birthday, Tilly!

Happy Birthday Tilly!

Howard's muzzle is going grey too, Stuart!

Ah, Terri, ‘Time’s winged chariot’ waits for no one. But if (just like Tilly) Howard has eyes that are bright and clear, a sleek and shiny coat, a cold nose, and ears that are clean and free of discharge, he should be good for walkies for many a long year.

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