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Sleeping Beauty by Honor Appleton

I must apologize once again for the lack of Myth & Moor posts last week. Howard and I are still getting hit by waves of post-viral illness and fatigue from the virus he brought home from Spain back in February. We still don't know if it was Covid-19, or another virus with similar persistence; we couldn't get tested back when we first had it, and the antibody tests we took recently were inconclusive. All we can do now is take it slow: work when we can, rest when we must, take care of each other and try not to worry.

The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen illustrated by Helen StrattonSince energy is in limited supply, we are rationing it carefully. Last week, Howard took care of family matters and household chores so I could focus on delivering the keynote speech for the Francelia Butler Children's Literature Conference at Hollins University in Virginia (via Zoom), followed by a week of visiting online classes for Hollins' Children's Literature and Book Illustration MA program -- which was a lovely experience. The speech will be on YouTube at some point, and I'll let you know when it's up. 

This week, it's my turn to support Howard so that he can focus on upcoming theatre work: a single-day around-the-world tour of his online theatre show, Theatre is Dead!; and preparations for a five-week run of Punch & Judy at the Teignmouth seaside starting next week. We're happy and relieved that P & J is going ahead, since so much other theatre work has been lost due to the pandemic -- but he has a lot of organizing to do to make sure the puppetry pitch is socially-distanced and safe.  

I'm planning to be back on Myth & Moor more regularly this week ... but post-viral recovery is unpredictable, even without an underlying health condition, so if I suddenly disappear again, well, you'll know why. I'm grateful to all of you who have been supporting Myth & Moor through all of these ups and downs ... and I'm just plain overwhelmed by the support for our first Bumblehill Press publication, The Color of Angels. It's enormously encouraging. Lunar and I are working on getting more publications up for you very soon. It seems to me that myth, art, and story are more important now than ever.

I very much hope that you are all doing well during these uncertain times. Thank you for being part of the Mythic Arts community. And please stay safe.

Nurse Tilly on the job.

The art above is by Honor Appleton (1879-1951) and Helen Stratton (1867-1961).


I do hope you get well soon both. I enjoyed the E short story very much. I hope it is going to be made into a novel. It was the first time I had bought anything on my Fire which was given to me when I left the library.

Thank you, Angela! Tatiana, from Color of Angels, appears in the contemporary portion of the novel I'm working on now, The Moon Wife (which starts in Victorian times). It's a different story but all interconnected. I hope you're well.

I've just joined you on Patreon, finally purchased The Wood Wife and re-connected with your wonderful blog. So sorry to read that you have both been suffering with an awful virus. I do hope you are resting well and will feel better very soon. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.

I hope you are both on a steady road to recovery. Take things as easy as you possibly can! xx

We do so appreciate all you offer us, in these times and always, Terri. Please take care of yourself and know that we will be here.

Wishing you and your family peace of mind and the space in which to recover your health. You are wise to take it easy. Sending metta.

Sending loving energy and healing hugs to the three of you!!


Sending love from the North to you, Howard and Tilly.

So sorry to hear you are still both poorly. Get well soon! Xx

The new book sounds wonderful.There time's are depressing.This will be something to look forward to.Covid is horrible but we will get that controlled in time.I am not so sure about the rise of the right and climate change.Must try to be positive.x

Hello everyone!
Lots of you have told us how much you enjoyed The Color of Angels and that makes us very happy, thank you.
If you could find a minute to write an Amazon review as well, that would help boost Terri's profile.
Of course, this is true for any writers/artists you love. Signal-boosting is a free way to give real practical support and it does morale a world of good too :).
Take care of yourselves.

Also, Sue, welcome! How wonderful! Thank you!

Congratulations Terri and Lunar, heroines both of you!! I will eager enjoy a Hummingbird version when your book is available that way. You give us such hope for what is possible at the best, and worst, of times.

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