Myth & Moor update
Some exciting news....

Myth & Moor update

Tilly in the woods

I'm almost frightened to say this lest I jinx it, but we seem to have a working Internet connection again. After many engineer visits and replacing of phone lines and puzzled scratchings of heads, the last set of repairs seems to have changed something. It's still rural Internet and not super-fast, but it's usable (touch wood), and we're not getting kicked off of it every five minutes. We are back in the modern world at last, and now I just hope we can stay here.

I have a gazillion missed messages to catch up on, which I'll be focused on for the next few days -- and then I'll be back to a regular Myth & Moor schedule on Tuesday, Sept. 1 (after the three-day August holiday weekend here in the UK).

I hope you're all having a good end-of-summer, and staying safe. Tilly sends her love.

Reading in the woods

The poem glimpsed above is "Letter From a Far Country' by Welsh author Gillan Clarke