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Tilly and Ellen

Here's one last reminder that Ellen Kushner is giving a talk (on fantasy lit and her own creative practice) to mark the opening of the new Centre for Fantasy & the Fantastic at the University of Glasgow. It's online, it's free, and it's going to be fab, so if you're a fantasy reader (or fantasy-curious), please don't miss it. 

Drawing by Helen StrattonThere will also be information about the Centre (what it is and who it's for). And a panel discussion on the future of fantasy with two brilliant scholars of the field: Rob Maslen and Brian Attebery....and, umm, me.

The Zoom webinar tickets have sold out -- but don't worry, you can also view the whole event live on YouTube, and you don't need a ticket for that. Just follow this link on Wed. night (from 6 pm onward) to The Centre for Fantasy YouTube Channel. For more info, see my previous post about this event. 

I'm sorry to say that Howard and I are down with post-viral syptoms, yet again, from the nasty bug he caught in Spain in February -- which might have been Covid-19, or something else similarly persistent; the antibody tests were inconclusive. I am saving my strength for the Fantasy Centre launch -- which means there will be no new Myth & Moor posts until the launch has passed and I'm back on my feet. I pray that won't be long, and thank you all for your kindness and patience.

Perhaps I'll see some of you at the launch on Wednesday night...?

Bedtime Story by Jeanie Tomanek

Images above: A photograph of Ellen with Tilly by the Fairy Spring here in Chagford, during one of her many visits. A drawing by British book artist Helen Stratton (1867-1961). "Bedtime Story," a gorgeous painting by American artist Jeanie Tomanek. You can see more of her work here.