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Music and update

I An illustration for The Wind in the Willows by Inga Moore xx'm out of the studio today, down with symptoms again from mystery (Covid?) virus that Howard and I contracted early in the spring. These virus relapses have been getting shorter, at least, so I hope to be back in a day or two. (Touch wood.) 

In the meantime, here's a wee bit of Monday Music: the latest video from Irish filmmaker Myles O'Reilly, whose work I love. He says:

"I managed to escape the pale to visit the extraordinary medieval town of Clonmel for this next musical yarn, and a yarn it truly is. There I met with the legend John Spillane and a very humble and inspiring puppeteer by the name of Des Dillon. The beautiful characters which Des brings to life in this video are just the right amount of joy to serve as an affective antidote to all the noise out there."

Visit O'Reilly's website to see more of Irish music films, and his Patreon page to support this work.

From The Secret Garden illustrated by Inga Moore

The illustrations above art by Inga Moore. All rights to the film and art in this post  reserved by the filmmaker and artist.