Easter on Dartmoor
On art, wilderness, and losing the way

Tunes for a Monday Morning

Sheep crossing

Above: "Steppy Downs Road" by English fiddle player and multi-instrumentalist Sam Sweeney, recorded live at Cecil Sharp House in London last year -- accompanied by Jack Rutter and Louis Campbell on guitars, and Ben Nicholls on double bass. Sweeney performs with Bellowhead, Leveret, The Full English, Jon Boden's The Remnant Kings, Fay Hield's The Hurricane Party and other bands in addition to his solo work. This song appears on his second solo album, Unearth Repeat, which I highly recommend. 

Below: "The Old Wagon Way" from Unearth Repeat.

Sheep in the lane

Above: "Notland Castle" by the Scots/English folk trio Lau (Kris Drever, Martin Green, and Aidan O'Rourke). The song can be found on their lovely live album Unplugged (2020).

Below: "Riad," also from Unplugged.

Tilly follows softly, careful not to spook them

Above: "Seven Bonnie Gypsies" performed by Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings, with animation by Marry Waterson. The song is a variant of "Raggle Taggle Gypsies" (sung here by Boden's partner Fay Hield). It appeared on his fine album Rose in June (2019).

Below: "Bee Sting" from Afterglow (2017), performed for the Hudson Sessions in Sheffield that same year. Boden's most recent album is Last Mile Home (2021), and it's simply gorgeous.

Homeward bound

Photographs: An Easter walk in a Belstone lane. With sheep.