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Myth & Moor (and Tilly) update


I'm afraid there's no post this morning. Tilly is having health problems, so I'm off to the vet again...and then giving her a gentle walk for being such a good brave girl. Please send healing thoughts to our sweet old hound. Myth & Moor will be back tomorrow.

Update on Friday: We're still dealing with tests, etc. with Tilly. She had a difficult night last night, and I admit we're worried. I'll be back as soon as I can be -- and I'll post news when I have it, as I know there's a lot of love for Tilly out there. We all appreciate it very much.

Update on Saturday: Good news. The first batch of Tilly's tests are back and the results are much better than we feared. She does, alas, have at least one new health problem (alongside her other long-term condition), but with medication and care it, too, can be managed. We're awaiting the results of further tests, but feeling real hope of getting Tilly through this. This morning she was able to get up without help, and even managed the jump up to her blanket on the sofa with only a little assistance. That's real progress from yesterday. She's still shaky, and shaken, and wants us close, but she's definitely looking better. 

Update on Sunday: Tilly has regained her sense of humour, which is a very good sign. (That's a chew bone hanging from her mouth like tusk in the photo below.) After days of shivery misery, it so good to see her spirits lifting! What a plucky little soul she is.

Update on Tuesday: She managed a very short walk this morning. She's still wobbly on her feet and tires out pretty quick -- but she was so happy to be in the good green world that she was smiling the entire time.

Thank you again for your good wishes.


Illustration from a book in the Royal Library. Artist unknown.

Art: An illustration from a Victorian-era book in the Royal Library. Artist unlisted.