Myth & Moor (and Tilly) update
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Another Tilly update

A brave little soul

After a long day at the vet's surgery, we have the most important results back: Tilly definitely doesn't have cancer. Whew! You could probably hear my sigh of relief on the other side of the Atlantic. We're waiting on further lab results before we know for certain what's been causing her continuing problems, but if her vet's best guess is right (and it probably is), there should be a way to manage this, we just haven't got the medicine regime quite right yet. She's got a shaved stomach to show for her difficult day, but she was brave and calm throughout, and is very glad to be home now.

A Blessing by Jeanie TomanekSome of you kind folk have asked if it's possible to contribute to Tilly's medical care, and yes it is: studio angels Lunar Hine and Ellen Kushner have helped to organise a Tilly Fund, as her costs are high and on-going, and every little bit helps. Check out the latest Bumblehill Studio newsletter for more information. (Y'all know there's a studio newsletter, right? It's a weekly email, beautifully complied and curated by Lunar.)

My family and I are deeply grateful to those sweet souls who have contributed to the Tilly Fund...and to all who have sent kind words and prayers. It's incredibly moving to know that Tilly has so many friends, and has touched so many hearts. I also want to say: it seems we're often fund-raising around here for one art project or another, and now even the dog! But please don't worry if you can't contribute financially to any of these things; just being part of this community is a gift. Thank you for being here, making and/or supporting mythic art in all the ways you do.

Bedtime Story by Jeanie Tomanek

The luminous paintings above are "A Blessing" and "Bedtime Story" by Jeanie Tomanek