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Another Tilly update

Myth & Moor (and Tilly) update

Tilly in the beechwood

No post again today, I'm afraid. We're not out of the woods with Tilly yet, so we're off to the bigger veterinary centre in Okehampton this morning, where she'll have a scan and further tests at the vets' surgery. Please think good thoughts for our dear girl. This isn't going to be very comfortable for her, but it needs to be done, and we're still hoping for the best.

Beechwood 2

She's been a bit up and down the last few days, but mostly up, with more strength than earlier this month. Here she is in the beechwood at the top of our hill, one of her favourite places, full of bottle-green light and soft moss magic. 

Beechwood 4

Beechwood 5

The poem in the picture captions is from The Illuminated Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks (Broadway Books, 1997). All rights reserved.