Down to the sea
A further update

Myth & Moor update

Ocean 1

My apologies that there is no Myth & Moor post today. Tilly had an emergency vet visit this morning (don't worry, she's okay now), and the rest of the day was taken up by last-minute packing in order to get Howard off to London tomorrow.

In London, Howard joins his fellow pilgrims for The Pilgrimage for Nature, and they begin their eight-week walk to Glasgow, where they'll be presenting a performance (created during the walk, weaving in the voices and concerns of those met along the way) to the delegates at the UN Climate Change Conference in early November. He's just about ready to go now, but boy-oh-boy it's been a busy day, full of unforeseen challenges.

Follow the pilgrimage blog to see what my courageous husband will be doing for the next 8+ weeks. There will also be regular updates on Facebook here; and pictures posted on Instagram. If you're anywhere near the pilgrimage route, please join them if you can...for a day, an hour, whatever you can spare. All are welcome. You can also join the Long Walk digitally if you live far away. 

Ocean 2

Ocean 3

Photographs above: Tilly and me on the beach near Teignmouth on Wednesday. She loved it, and so did I. Oh, to be in the sea again! We've been too long away.