Happy Thanksgiving from Myth & Moor
In the gift-giving season

Turning Black Friday into a rainbow....

Dartmoor arts in Chagford

As the gift-buying season begins*, please consider giving your money to artists, artisans, indie shops and local small businesses instead of low-wage paying, tax-avoiding, book-industry-damaging Amazon and similar companies. Artists and small local shops make the world a better place, and many depend on holiday sales to keep going the rest of the year.

There are many visual artists, artisans, writers, publishers, musicians, etc. who sell mythic, folkloric, magical, and nature-inspired work online. Please recommend some of your favourites in the Comments below so we can spread the word about their work. If you're an art-maker yourself (including authors with new books out), please do list your own work. Don't be shy; we want to know about it. 

And if you're anywhere near Dartmoor, the annual Winter Artisan Fayre is tomorrow at Endecott House here in Chagford, featuring the work of Danielle Barlow (whose beautiful Midwinter Blessing in below), Rima StainesSilverandmoor, and other fine local artists....

Midwinter Blessing

* I personally prefer not to shop on "Black Friday" at all in support of the annual Buy Nothing Day boycott.