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Another Night Journey by Jeanie Tomanek

The maginificent HudsonLet's start the week with new releases from Hudson Records, the folk & indie music label co-directed by Andy Bell & Neil McSweeney -- and named after Andy's late dog Hudson, who was truly an excellent fellow. (I got to know Hudson during my year of working with Andy on the Modern Fairies project.)

Above: "The Day We Made a Wood" by the Scottish trio Salt House (Ewan MacPherson, Lauren MacColl, Jenny Sturgeon), with American guitarist Cahalen Morrison. It's from the beautiful new Salt House EP, Working for Zeus.

"Separated by the North Sea during the pandemic," they write, "as a band we were greatly missing the thing we love most: creating music in a room together. In the depths of winter we decided to try writing new songs together on Zoom. It came with it's challenges and distractions: Ewan and Lauren grappling with mediocre broadband in the rural Highlands, Jenny disappearing off camera when she spotted orca out her window in Shetland. But most of all it kept us connected. Still unable to travel far in the spring, we sent our songs on the journey we couldn't physically -- to musicians whose work we greatly admire. Their magic and the mixes of Andy Bell brought these songs to life; songs born out of strange days, a long winter, but ultimately from a complete necessity to create."

Below: "Wood of Dreams" by Salt House, with Norwegian saxophone player Petter Frost Fadnes, from the same EP.

Above: "Fallow Ground," from the new album of the same name by two of England's finest musicians: John Spiers and Jon Boden (founding members of Bellowhead).

Below: "Goddess and Red House," instrumental compositions by Spiers & Boden, from the same album.

Above: "Craigie Hill," an emigration song from Northern Ireland performed by Scottish singer/songwriter Karine Polwart and Scottish pianist Dave Milligan, from their fine new album, Still As Your Sleeping.

Below: "Heaven's Hound" by Polward & Milligan, from the same album.

The art in this post is "Another Night Journey" and "Old Dog's Dream" by American painter Jeanie Tomanek, based near Atlanta. Go here to visit her website, and here to read about her work: "The Path of Breadcrumbs and Stones."  

Old Dog's Dream by Jeanie Tomanek

All rights to the art above reserved by the artist.