Tunes for the Winter Holidays
The folklore of winter

On Winter Solstice

Modern Lights, Ancient Flames: Avebury Flames Spirals by Stu Jenks

Here in the northern hemisphere, as we enter the longest night of the year we are also entering the second winter of the Covid pandemic. The night and the cold seem endless, but the light always does return.

"We are always on a journey from darkness into light," wrote the late Irish poet/philosopher John O'Donohue . "At first, we are children of the darkness. Your body and your face were formed first in the kind darkness of your mother's womb. You lived the first nine months in there. Your birth was the first journey from darkness into light. All your life, your mind lives within the darkness of your body. Every thought you have is a flint moment, a spark of light from your inner darkness. The miracle of thought is its presence in the night side of your soul; the brilliance of thought is born of darkness. Each day is a journey. We come out of the night into the day. All creativity awakens at this primal threshold where light and darkness test and bless each other. You only discover the balance in your life when you learn to trust the flow of this ancient rhythm."

Copyright by Karen Davis

In the mythic sense, we practice moving from darkness into light every morning of our lives. The task now is make that movement larger, to join together to carry the entire world through the long night to the dawn.

Stray by Jeanie Tomanek

Capturing the Moon by Jeanie Tomanek

The art above is: "Modern Lights, Ancient Flames: Avebury Flames Spirals" by photographer Stu Jenks; ""The Spirit Within" by Karen Davis; "Stray" and "Capturing the Moon" by Jeanie Tomanek. The quote is from Anam Cara (Bantam Books, 1997) by John O'Donhue (1956-2008, Ireland). All right to art and text above are reserved by the artists and John O'Donohue estate.