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Myth & Moor update

Myth & Moor update

Midnight dream

My apologies for the start-and-stop nature of this blog right now. My own health has stabilized (touch wood), but we're going through a health crisis with Tilly, who is very sick and very frail and needs a great deal of care and love. We yet don't know what the future holds for our dear old girl, but we're heading up to a specialist vet/animal hospital on the Devon and Somerset border today. She has a full day of exploratory tests ahead of her, after which we should know more. She's frail and shakey on her feet, but also clear-eyed, present, and very loving. We're hoping for good news, of course, but preparing ourselves for whatever the news may be.

Deep thanks to everyone who has been keeping the conversation here going while I've been absent.

The pictures here: Tilly in youth and in her beautiful old age, the two photos taken in the same spot.

Our elderly girl