The folklore of winter

Happy New Year

Bird Mother and Lost Child by Terri Windling

I've been away from Myth & Moor for rather a long time now. There's just been so much going on around here: hard grief after the loss of our beloved Tilly (following the loss of two members of my family in the last two years, both deaths sudden and heart-breaking), a new medical issue to come to grips with (on top of the old ones), deadlines to meet (including one for a Big Project that I can't quite tell you about yet but will be able to soon). This week I'm away from home again, but I'll be back in the studio for the rest of month and plan to start Myth & Moor back up with the start of the year, barring any more unforeseen challenges.

What I wish for you all is the same thing I wish for me and my family: a calm, gentle, and healthy 2023, with abundant creativity, many fine stories, and a dollop of magic.

Updated in the Comments, Jan. 21.

Terri Windling and Tilly by Jonathan Higgs

For those who have requested a re-posting of my previous piece on New Year traditions in my family-of-origin, you'll find it here. Bless you for asking. The art above is my "Bird Mother and Lost Child."  The photograph of me and Tilly was taken by Jonathan Higgs in the woods behind my studio, 2021.