Art in the interstices....

Brother & Sister by Terri Windling

Today is the opening day of the Interfictions Online Indiegogo campaign, and I've donated some prints (including the one above)  to this excellent cause. Two of the prints are up on the page now, and others will appear as the campaign goes on. There are lots of other donation rewards too -- signed books, e-chapbooks, and more -- so please go over to the Indiegogo page and have a look.

Interfictions Online provides a sanctuary for artists who refuse to be constrained by category labels. The journal is dedicated to Interstitial Art, which is art that flourishes in between different genres, disciplines, mediums, and cultures.

"Someone who’s breaking the rules needs a place where it’s safe to break them," says editor Sofia Samatar. "That's us. We're the latest project of the Interstitial Arts Foundation, and we're asking for your help to maintain a place for artists who walk the highwire in the attempt to make breakthrough art for an audience that's hungry for work that doesn't fit into neat little boxes."

The goal of the campaign is to raise enough money to pay contributors professional rates for the next two issues of the journal, and to create a new visual arts section, while remaining free to the public online.

Go here to read the latest issue of Interfictions Online, which is absolutely packed with treasures.

And go here to support the Indiegogo campaign, which runs through July 14.

Want to name a goat?

Well, here's your chance . It's one of the inducements offered in the Chagford Community Farm Crowdfunding An illustration for ''Heidi'' by Jessie Willcox SmithCampaign...along with the satisfaction of supporting the Local Food Renaissance here in south-west England.

The charming video above explains the campaign...and gives you a glimpse of the countryside and community that makes Chagford such a magical place to live. Go here to learn more about the nonprofit Chagford Community Farm  (a.k.a. Chagfarm, founded by brothers Davon and Sylvan Friend)....not to be confused with the Chagfood Community Market Garden (a.k.a. Chagfood, about whom I have posted before: here and here), although the two groups often work together.

Whether you're local or not, if you have the funds and believe in the cause of "local food for local people" (and food education for children), please consider contributing to Chagfarm's crowd-funding campaign (and/or spreading the word), which will help Davon and Sylvan to improve and maintain this wonderful nonprofit community farm. You can always come and visit the goat you name (or request a picture!), and there are a number of other pledge inducements as well.

Jenny and Fran at Chagfarm

Tilly's opinion of goatsThe drawing above is an illustration for Johanna Spyri's much-loved children's book Heidi by Jessie Willcox Smith (1863-1935). The photographs: goats Jenny and Fran (from the Chagfarm website), and Tilly's opinion of goats.