The Dog's Tale

What is and what is not fox

Dearest Tilly,

You are a dog. You are not a fox. You do not need to smell like a fox; you do not need to roll in fox poo.  If you're ever in doubt on this issue, please refer to the chart above.


          Your loving family (as we collectively hold our noses)


In Want of Fox

Fox-wife of Rushford Wood

Having just re-read Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman, the poem I've chosen for today is Fox by Adrienne Rich. (Those of you who know the novel, which is one of Hoffman's most disturbing, will understand the connection. Lord have mercy but that woman can write.)

We have lots of foxes in the woods behind our house, bright-eyed little English tricksters slipping through back gardens, teasing dogs, eying chickens, and congregating in the hills by moonlight. Are you, like the fine poet above, in want in foxes? Here are some places where you will find them:

Fox fiction & folklore

(Click on book covers to enlarge. The painting above is The Fox-wife of Rushford Wood.)