I've written many articles and essays over the years on myth, folklore, fairy tales, fantasy literature, and mythic arts, published in a wide variety of American and European magazines and journals. Some of them can be read online:

I've also written numerous book introductions, and contributed to reference volumes, art books, and essay collections, including:

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Women Writers Explore Their Favorite Fairy Tales (Expanded Edition), edited by Kate Bernheimer
    (Anchor/Random House, US)
  • The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales, edited by Jack Zipes (Oxford University Press, UK)
  • Once Upon a TimePanorama illustré de la fantasy & du merveilleux, edited by
    Andre-François Ruaud (Les moutons électriques, France)
  • Fées, elfes, dragons & autres créatures des royaumes de féerie,
    edited by Claudine Glot & Michel Le Bris (Hoëbeke, France)
  • Faces of Fantasy by Patti Perret (Tor Books, US)
  • The Book of Ballads by Charles Vess (Tor Books, US)



"There were always tales passed from mother to daughter, father to son. Down through the generations they came, so that we would never forget that place, that magic, that elemental and awesome power that abided in our forbears. In each generation the power of the tales rests with us, the storytellers."   - Evangeline Walton