Copyright & permissions information
for writing & art by Terri Windling

The following information pertains to Terri Windling's writing & artwork only. For other writers & artists whose work has appeared in books she has edited, or on websites she has curated (including Myth & Moor and The Journal of Mythic Arts), please refer to the note at the bottom of the page.

Terri Windling's art and text (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc.) is under copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without permission, except under Fair Use guidelines and in the following circumstances:


    • Her text (from posts, articles, essays, and books) may be quoted for the purpose of critical studies, reviews, and educational articles or papers, provided the text is properly attributed. If published online, please link to Myth & Moor, or to her Author Biography page.


    • Her text (from posts, articles, essays, and books) may be quoted, but not printed in full, on websites and blogs that are entirely noncommercial, provided the text is properly attributed. Please link to Myth & Moor, her Author Biography page, or the article the text is quoted from. (In order to qualify as noncommercial, the site must not charge a fee for use, sell or promote a service or a product, host advertising, or derive income in any other manner from the use of Ms. Windling's work.)


    • Her posts, articles, essays, and book introductions may be downloaded or copied for limited, noncommercial classroom use.


  • Her art may be reproduced online for review or promotion purposes (for example, as part of an article reviewing her work, or a post discussing it), or as illustration on a noncommercial blog post, provided it is properly attributed. Please link to Myth & Moor, or her Author Biography page.

For permission to reprint her posts, essays, articles, or artwork in any other capacity, write to Ms. Windling c/o The Endicott Studio: TheEndicottStudio [at] gmail [dot] com. Your email will be reviewed and forwarded on if enough information to evaluate your request has been provided. This is the information needed:


    • The publication where you found the text or art you would like to reprint. (For print publications, list publisher and publication date. For online publications, including Myth & Moor and JoMA, list the URL.)


    • Information on how you'd like to use the piece.


  • Information on the financial and contractual terms you are proposing. (For small publications that are strictly nonprofit, or where the profit benefits a charity, the reprint fee might be nominal, or waived altogether. If this is the case, please provide specific information.)

To inquire about book, translation, film, and other media rights, contact Ms. Windling's literary agent, Christopher Schelling, at Selectric Artists in New York.


Please note:  Terri Windling can grant reprint Permission for her own text and art only, not for works by any other writers, artists, or photographers appearing books she's edited, or on websites she has curated (including Myth & Moor and The Journal of Mythic Arts). She doesn't control the rights to other artists' work; she doesn't manage permission inquiries for other artists; and she cannot pass on private contact information. Please do not send these kind of inquiries to Ms. Windling -- contact the writer or artist directly via their public contact address (usually listed on their website, if they have one), or through their agent, publisher, or gallery.

Illustration by Edmund Dulac

The book design and painting above are by Edmund Dulac (1882 -1953). The drawings to the right are by H.J. Ford (1860-1941),  and Helen Stratton (1867-1961).