Into the woods...

Brother & Sister by Marianne Stokes


An on-going series of posts on myth, folklore, and the wild world:


  1. The Language of the Earth
  2. The Gift of Wonder
  3. Tales of the Forest
  4. A Woodland Interlude: The Dog's Tale
  5. Wild Folklore: The Green Man & More
  6. Wild Community
  7. The Dark Forest
  8. Wild Sanctuary
  9. Wild Men & Women
  10. Wild Children
  11. Wild Neighbors: The Folklore of Animals
  12. Water, Wild & Sacred
  13. Once Upon a Time: Re-Imagining Fairy Tales
  14. Art from the Fairy Tale Forest
  15. Living Wild
  16. By the Light of the Moon & Stars
  17. The Wisdom of Mountains
  18. Following the Deer: Part I
  19. Following the Deer: Part II
  20. Following the Deer: Part III
  21. Following the Deer: Part IV
  22. Following the Deer: L'Envoi
  23. In the Forest of Stories: Part I
  24. In the Forest of Stories: Part II
  25. In the Forest of Stories: Part III
  26. The Deepwood: Part I
  27. The Deepwood: Part II
  28. Up in the Trees
  29. Beneath the Trees
  30. Spinning Straw Into Gold
  31. Swan's Wing
  32. Swan Maidens & Crane Wives
  33. Fairy Tales: As Necessary as Breathing & Sleeping
  34. Sleeping Beauty I: Enchanted Sleep
  35. Sleeping Beauty II: Fairy Blessings
  36. Sleeping Beauty III: The Thirteenth Fairy
  37. When Stories Take Flight: The Folkore of Birds
  38. For Our Feline Friends: The Folklore of Cats
  39. Halloween & Samhain: At the Death of the Year
  40. The Folklore of Food
  41. The Folklore of Goats
  42. The Folklore of Sheep
  43. The Folklore of Rabbits and Hares
  44. The Speech of Animals
  45. Elemental Magic
  46. The Enchanted Harp
  47. The Child Ballads: Part I.
  48. The Child Ballads: Part II
  49. Wanderers & Wilderness
  50. Old Stones, Old Gods, & Silence
  51. Devon Folklore: Tales of a Half-Tamed Land
  52. Twilight Tales
  53. The Wild Hunt
  54. Following the Hare
  55. Troll Maidens & the Magic of Bridges


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The painting above is "Brother and Sister" by Marianne Stokes (1855-1927). The drawings in the right-hand column are by H.J. Ford (1860-1941) and Eleanor Vere Boyle (1825-1916).


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